Sunday, April 29, 2012

for the guys: plz dun squander every bit of cash on sex/drinking/clubbing. and spend some time thinking about wad u gonna do after army. army is still a damn sheltered environment.

for the ladies: be serious about ur further studies. getting contacts is one thing. overloading yourself with ad-hoc stuff may juz make u burn out.

in fact i wonder y i'll write a post here. HAHA... in any case. just to get ppl to think about things. in case you've been to sucked into wad u're doing, spend that bit of time to take a step back and look at yourself from other's point of view, from a "camera following you" point of view.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hey guys, wadsup. Now, the SCTs got their postings and goin to their respective camps. The fate of the OCTs will also soon be decided in ard 7 weeks time. So hopefully those in NS can make time in August (maybe?) to meet up and talk cock. Afterall, it's been a long time (and my birthday 2 :)

Anw, 1 obesrvation I made was that the best place to learn vulgarities is not in a gang but the halfway point of a 8km march (within a supposed "28-km" NE route march for the SCTs). Apparantly, there was no rest point after the 4km and most if not all had sth to shout that added to what could be mistaken as a gang fight. Well, speakin of civilised :(

P.S. Gerald, sth that I also had not been sayin in SCS "Yes, Serjeant". They are masters and enchik here and we're their slaves xp

Sunday, June 5, 2011

in response to peter:

ya, i juz saw that this blog appeared at the top of my dashboard. hence, i decided to "write a report".

to guys hu are still in bmt: try to get into leadership training sch. being man is quite like bmt cos u only folo instructions nia, and u hav quite little say in what u can do. but if u dun mind doing that it's fine oso, juz that u may one day get very sian of it cos it's following instructions only and u can't make changes that u think will help u slack/help u pang kang earlier. of course, rmb that if u're in ocs or scs, u nid to do more than following instructions. scs = still can slack, so it'll b quite ok. ocs = officially can get screwed. hence i'm quite dead as of now.

class gathering... another day la plz wait for my block leave or sth. weekends usually only 30h bookouts for now. bo bian. and if there are ladies in our class hu wan to sign on... u'll be in my wing if u do go to ocs. now my wing only got 2 ladies. one is a masters degree holder but still a chao trainee like me. another one same age as me one, so alot of scandals in her platoon.

anyway, for now, press on with wadeva u all are doing. if u're slacking, enjoy urself haha

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Err... I don't know what to say :| *stomps

Anyway, it's probably been a long while since anyone visited this blog so I've decided to write this post so that if juz if someone chooses to come back here, they could have sth new to read. Basically, the guys have got their postings and mor or less settle into the new envioment (be it OSC, SCS, unit or even clerks), congratulations to those who made it to the command schools, wish u all enjoy urself there. Hopefully we can have another class outin be4 teachers' day and catch up, then go back school together but that's subject to the welfare rep. For residence in the WC GRC, u r always welcomed to contact me to meet up on Saturday nights (after 8pm). That's all. Some of the OCTs shld start postin here since they have to write reports everyday. As 4 me, army has trained me to stick with one-syllabus words not sentences so 4give me for the dis-organised post.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Class Gathering

I know a bunch of u out there check this old shack place like once a month thus I'm postin this early so hopefully everyone can empty their schdules and make it. It'll be a year since we meet one another, it'll be good for all of us to meet and catch up. Basically, I propose a gathering (as title suggests, lyk duh) for the class on 11 Nov 2011 at 11pm at _____. It shouldn't be a problem for the guys since the day itself falls on Friday which we'll all be booking out (Y). Gals, hope u all can make it and make time from u pursue of knowledge overseas or otherwise. Place and details shall be further discussed n u peeps will be updated :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dawn Post

A levels are finally coming to an end (I'm already beginnin to miss it xp) and so are our relation as classmates hopefully it can move on to BFFs for those who are still not. We'll never ever going to be in the same classrooms/audi/hall and CT bench as we were. Visit the Blog often (once a week ba) coz I'll probably be postin plans of half/full class outin and collect response from here. Whatever u guys plan to do in the future, I wish u good luck and all the best.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Week 1 Down!

Hang in there people! We have already clocked in close to half our total exam time in the hall! Just a little more than two weeks left!!!